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Bedtime Prophet Sayyedina Muhammad ﷺ Stories

Bedtime Prophet Sayyedina Muhammad ﷺ Stories

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Bedtime Prophet Sayyedina Muhammad ﷺ Stories deals with the preaching or dawah mission in Makkah. It shows how, despite immense opposition and persecution, the Beloved Prophet ﷺ carried on with his mission of preaching the message of the one God. It highlights his patience, dedication, determination, faith, love, compassion and care in the face of great odds. It also highlights cases of some of his early Companions, who, impressed by Islam’s message, accepted the faith. It covers some of the most significant events in this early phase of the beloed Prophet ﷺ preaching mission. With its colourful, child-friendly illustrations, this book is perfect for reading to your children or grandchildren, and is excellent for use at home or at school.

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pages 96
  • Ages 6-12
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